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CNR program covers Yongxing Island

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CNR program covers Yongxing Island

  At 10:00 on April 10, the Yongxing Island of the Xisha Islands distant from China mainland received FM broadcasting program of Channel One of the China National Radio (CNR), bringing the history of no FM broadcasting on the island to an end.

  In 2007, the project of establishing FM broadcasting transmitting station on the Yongxing Island was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China. The transmitting station can simultaneously relay the broadcasting of CNR Channel One, and Channel One and Channel Two of the Hainan Radio, with the broadcasting signal covering an area within a radius of 30 km.

  In recent years, with the rapid economic and social development of the Xisha Islands, the accessibility of mobile communications, the availability of satellite televisions in fishing villages, and the 100% coverage of FM radio among the islands have been realized in succession.

  By Chen Xianling and Wang Lingshuo


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